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Validator incentives

View the incentives ICON validators offer to their voters.

ICON validators earn ICX based on the number of votes they receive, so many offer incentives to vote for them.

sICX holders can delegate their voting power through Omm. bOMM holders can also set the default sICX delegation, and the percentage of ICX that each validator earns from the protocol fee.

Incentivise your node

If you're a validator who wants to incentivise bOMM and sICX voters, learn how to manage a validator wallet and use the ICX delegation script.

To add or adjust the details of your incentives, reach out on Discord or file an issue on GitHub.

Validators with incentives


CODE and METAL tokens are airdropped to voters every 24 hours.

Find them on Twitter:

Eye on ICON

25% of their validator rewards are paid out in BST (Blobble Token).

Find them on Twitter:

View Eye on ICON validator rewards for more info.


40% of their ICX rewards are shared with voters each day.

Find them on Twitter:


133,333 FRMD tokens are distributed to voters each month. 15% of their daily ICX rewards and 50% of NFT secondary sale royalties are shared with people who stake the FRMD token.

bOMM voters also receive 60% of the rewards FRĀMD earns from the Omm protocol fee, which will be converted to FRMD and distributed to voters.

Find them on Twitter:


CROWN tokens are distributed to voters each day. Requires you to stake at least 1 ICX traditionally and delegate it to GangstaBet.

Find them on Twitter:

ICON Asset Management

40% of their ICX rewards are shared with voters each day.

Visit for more info.

Inanis Invictus

55% of their ICX rewards are distributed to voters and other supporters in the form of ICX and VOID tokens each day. A portion of the revenue Inanis Invictus generates in ICX, bnUSD, and VOID are also distributed regularly.

View for more info.