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Stake and unstake ICX

Learn how to convert ICX to sICX, and unstake it instantly.

Staked ICX is the most popular asset on ICON. As a token that earns staking rewards while retaining a useable form, it's commonly used in place of ICX for many protocols, including Balanced and Craft.

To convert your ICX to sICX (and vice versa), go to the Stake page

Stake ICX

The Staked ICX panel, open to the Stake tab. You can convert ICX to sICX and view a chart showing the historical staking APR.

To get Staked ICX (sICX), enter the amount of ICX to stake and complete the transaction.

Staking rewards auto-compound, so the ICX value of sICX will increase over time.

sICX has ICON governance power

By default, your sICX votes will be delegated based on the preference of bOMM holders. If you'd like to choose who receives your votes, learn how to vote for ICON validators.

Unstake ICX

The Staked ICX panel, open to the Unstake tab. You can convert sICX to ICX instantly, or wait for the unstaking period. A chart shows the trend of unstaking requests.

To convert sICX to ICX, enter the amount of sICX to unstake and choose the unstaking method:

  • Wait: Takes up to the traditional ICX unstaking time of ~7 days
  • Instant: Pay a 1% fee to swap ICX for sICX (only available when the Balanced exchange has enough ICX liquidity)

If you choose to wait, you'll see the details of your unstaking request at the bottom of the Staked ICX section, including a countdown timer so you know when it will be ready to claim. Depending on the volume of ICX staked after you submit your unstaking request, it may unstake faster.

You'll see the option to claim your ICX when it's ready.