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Vote for ICON P-Reps
Learn how to delegate a share of the ICX supply to teams that support the ICON ecosystem.
If you hold Omm Tokens, you can participate in ICON’s voting system and allocate a portion of the ICX supply to some of its public representatives (P-Reps).
P-Reps (also known as validators) operate 'nodes' — servers that keep the ICON Network, Omm's foundation, online. Many also contribute time and resources to build products and utilities for the network, much like this one.
Voting is optional. Unless you choose P-Reps to vote for, your allocation will be directed towards the Omm early contributors: ICX Station, iBriz-ICONOsphere, PARROT9, and Protokol7.
You can vote for up to 5 P-Reps at a time, and your votes will be evenly distributed. To choose who to vote for, go to the Vote page. Then:
  1. 1.
    Lock up Omm Tokens to get bOMM, which gives you ICX voting power.
  2. 2.
    Click Adjust P-Reps in the 'Your votes' section to edit the list.
  3. 3.
    Click the + button next to a P-Rep to add them to your votes, and the – button to remove them.
  4. 4.
    Click Save and confirm your changes.

P-Reps who offer incentives

P-Reps earn ICX for the votes they receive, so many offer incentives for people to vote for them. Because bOMM provides more voting power than if you stake ICX traditionally, Omm is a great place to maximise your return.


CODE and METAL tokens are airdropped to voters every 24 hours.
Find them on Twitter:


40% of their ICX rewards are shared with voters each day.
Find them on Twitter:


133,333 FRMD tokens are distributed to voters each month. 15% of their daily ICX rewards and 50% of NFT secondary sale royalties are shared with people who stake the FRMD token.
Find them on Twitter:


CROWN tokens are distributed to voters each day. Requires you to stake at least 1 ICX traditionally, and delegate it to the GangstaBet P-Rep.
Find them on Twitter:

ICON Asset Management

40% of their ICX rewards are shared with voters each day.
Visit for more info.

Inanis Invictus

55% of their ICX rewards are distributed to voters and other supporters in the form of ICX and VOID tokens each day. A portion of the revenue Inanis Invictus generates in ICX, bnUSD, and VOID are also distributed regularly.


50% of their ICX rewards are shared with voters every Tuesday, based on the votes from the previous week.
Find them on Twitter:
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P-Reps who offer incentives