Omm support

Provide liquidity for OMM

Learn how to supply OMM and other Omm assets as liquidity on Balanced, and earn more OMM for it.
Earn Omm Tokens for supplying liquidity to the Balanced exchange. Add OMM to a pool with an equal value of sICX, USDS, or IUSDC, and stake your LP tokens to earn OMM.
Make sure you understand the risk of impermanent loss before you start.

1. Supply assets on Balanced

Sign in to and go to the Trade page. Open the 'Supply liquidity' tab, and choose one of these options from the pool selector:
  • OMM / sICX
  • OMM / USDS
Use the slider to choose how much to supply, then click Supply and complete the transaction.
After you've supplied liquidity on Balanced, come back to Omm.

2. Stake LP tokens on Omm

Sign in to Omm with the same wallet and go to the Rewards page. The pools you supplied assets to will appear under your liquidity pools. Click a pool to expand the section, then stake your LP tokens to start earning Omm Tokens.
After you stake your LP tokens on Omm, you'll no longer see details about your liquidity on Balanced. You'll need to unstake your LP tokens before you can withdraw your assets from the pool.

3. Claim liquidity rewards

As long as your LP tokens are staked, you'll accrue Omm Tokens. You can claim your OMM from the Rewards page whenever it's available.

4. Withdraw liquidity

When you need to use your assets, unstake your LP tokens and withdraw your liquidity:
  1. 1.
    Go to the Omm Rewards page, expand the liquidity pool you want to withdraw from, and unstake your LP tokens.
  2. 2.
    Go to, and locate your pool in the 'Liquidity details' section.
  3. 3.
    Click Withdraw, choose how much to remove from the pool, then complete the transaction.