Omm support

Smart contracts

The Omm start contracts have been audited by SlowMist:
Omm | Slowmist security audit.pdf
There’s always the possibility of a bug or vulnerability that compromises participants’ funds. It would not be possible to recover them. In the event of a smart contract bug, Omm Token holders could vote to use the DAO fund to cover or reduce the amount lost.


Omm Worker Token (OMMWT): cx718eb47bcf1da56a32afa53ad128844adcfc8211


oTokens are interest-bearing tokens. When users supply an asset to a market, they receive an equivalent amount of oTokens. These grow in value over time as they earn interest.


dTokens are debt-bearing tokens. When you borrow an asset, you'll receive an equivalent amount of dTokens. These grow in value over time as your debt increases from interest.


Lending Pool Data Provider: cx5f9a6ca11b2b761a469965cedab40ada9e503cb5
Reward Distribution Controller: cx4f2d730ad969f5c839229de42184c5e47aefef6f