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Style guide

Learn how to use the correct writing style and terminology for Omm.
The Omm style guide provides helpful guidelines for all written communication, so you can be more confident and consistent when writing about or for Omm.
In general:
  • Use British English.
  • Follow the Apple Style Guide unless specified.
  • Use sentence case for all headings, phrases, and button labels. When used in a sentence, surround with single quote marks ( Click ‘Borrow ICX’. ).
  • Avoid creating unnecessary terminology. Instead, describe the thing/behavior when possible.
  • Avoid decorative punctuation like exclamation marks ( ! ), except when used sparingly on Twitter and Discord.
  • Avoid the 🚀 emoji, talking about impact to the ICX price, and over-hyping financial returns.

Style and usage

airdrip. Not airdrop. From September 2021 until January 2022, delegated ICX holders could claim free Omm Tokens every week through the ICON community airdrip initiative.
Boosted OMM, bOMM. A non-transferable token aquired by locking up Omm Tokens for 1 week – 4 years. Pronounced “boosted omm” or “be-omm”.
ICON blockchain. Use when it’s not clear that ICON is a blockchain, or to get an SEO boost. See also ICON Network.
ICON Network. The official name of the blockchain, to be used in all contexts except when “ICON” alone is sufficient for clarity, or when it’s not clear that ICON is a blockchain (in which case, “ICON blockchain” is more appropriate).
Omm. The name of the protocol. Not OMM, Open Money Market, or Omm Finance. Pronounced “Om”, not “Oh em em”. See also Omm Tokens.
Preferred: Earn a passive income with Omm.
Acceptable: Borrow assets from Omm, an open money market.
Avoid: Borrow assets from OMM. Use Open Money Market to borrow assets.
Omm Tokens. The governance token for the Omm protocol. Its ticker is OMM (pronounced “oh-em-em”). Use Omm Tokens unless you need to clarify the ticker, in which case, use OMM.

Voice and tone

Omm’s design system was inspired by the spiritual world. It follows that Omm’s writing style should be similarly inspired.
To ensure a cohesive presence, Omm’s voice and tone has four key principles:


Omm is a sanctuary in a turbulent crypto universe. It doesn’t should or panic. It shows excitement indirectly.
  • Omm is: Peaceful, uncluttered, warm.
  • Omm is not: Dull, hyperactive, an exclamation mark!


Omm can be trusted. It’s reliable. A place of honesty. It can dispense wisdom with subtle humour.
  • Omm is: Factual, transparent, wise.
  • Omm is not: Flippant, boring, professorial.


Omm is the money market made for everyone, beginners and seasoned investors alike.
  • Omm is: Welcoming, informative, relatable.
  • Omm is not: Basic, patronising, esoteric.


People are drawn to Omm’s subtle charisma.
  • Omm is: A twinkle in the eye, a wise friend, intriguing.
  • Omm is not: Cheeky, loud, bland.

Putting it all together

Omm’s voice and tone can be described as quiet magnetism: it’s calm, charming, inclusive, and truthful.
There are many ways you can apply quiet magnetism when writing for Omm: through the tone of messaging, but also with sentence length and complexity, and by word choice (Omm uses British English spelling).
On-brand keywords include:
  • Being
  • Community
  • Discover
  • Enlighten
  • Growth
  • Guide
  • Knowledge
  • Master
  • Mentor
  • Mindful
  • One
  • Partner
  • Path
  • Pursue
  • Seek
  • Share
  • Steps
  • Support
  • Teach
  • Teacher
  • Thought
  • Thoughtful
  • Truth
  • We
  • Wisdom
  • Wise
  • 🙏
  • 🧘
  • 🙇
  • 🪷
If you’re finding it hard to find the right tone, consider these examples:
Don't miss out on the tutorial by @monksacademy 🎁
Don’t miss the wisdom of @monksacademy 🪷
Our aim is to reward active community members!
We seek to reward active community members 🙏
Ready to level-up with Omm? Our user guide will show you how to borrow crypto, participate in governance, and vote for ICON validators:
Mastered the basics? Let us guide you through the next steps. Learn how to borrow crypto, participate in governance, and vote for ICON validators:
Just like the great CRV war, $OMM war is coming to the ICON ecosystem. @OptimusDeFi team seems to understand the value of $OMM and has come up with ways to grab a lot of $OMM and distribute $ICX rewards to $finOMM stakers. Cheers to more innovation in the ICON ecosystem 🍻
Innovation flourishes in the ICON ecosystem. The @OptimusDeFi team understand the inherent value of $OMM, and have developed novel pathways to share $ICX rewards with people who stake $finOMM.