Omm support

Risks of using Omm

Before you invest money into Omm, it's a good idea to understand the risks:
Liquidation risk. If your risk reaches 100%, you’ll lose a portion of the assets you supplied, but your debt will be repaid by an equivalent amount, minus a 10% liquidator fee. Learn more about the liquidation risk.
Smart contract risk. Omm smart contracts have been audited, but there’s always the possibility of a bug or vulnerability that compromises participants' funds. It would not be possible to recover them.
In the event of a smart contract bug, Omm Token holders could vote to use the DAO fund to cover or reduce the amount lost.

Smart contract audits

The Omm smart contracts have been audited by SlowMist.
Omm | Slowmist security audit.pdf
Slowmist audit report

Bug bounty program

Coming soon.
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