Omm docs

Monitor performance and risk

Learn more about the Performance and Risk sections, and what to do with the information you're shown.


The Performance section shows the amount of Omm rewards and interest you’re expected to earn and owe over the course of a day, week, month, and year, if current market volume and the rates for your assets stay the same.
Your supply interest increases the amount you've supplied to Omm markets. Your borrow interest increases the amount of debt you have to repay. Expand a market to see what you're likely to earn and/or owe each day.
Your Omm rewards will accrue in real time, and are available to claim from the Rewards page. Lock up your Omm Tokens to earn more OMM, and to participate in Omm governance.


Until you borrow from a market, your risk is 0%. You can borrow until your risk hits 76%, but this number will fluctuate based on the value of the assets you supply and borrow, and may increase over time from the borrow interest you accrue.
If your risk reaches 100%, part of your position will be liquidated to lower it to 76%. You'll lose a portion of the assets you supplied, and your debt will be repaid an equivalent amount, minus a 10% liquidator fee.
To limit your risk of liquidation, stay below 50%, supply and borrow from the same market, and/or participate with more stable assets. To reduce your risk, repay your debt.