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Boosted OMM (bOMM)

bOMM is a token that represents voting power and OMM earning potential within the protocol. It uses a vote-escrow model similar to Curve.
bOMM is non-transferable. Holders receive OMM each day as a reward, and can earn up to 2.5x the OMM for each market and liquidity pool they participate in.
Depending on the bOMM status of everyone else, those who don’t hold bOMM may receive as little as 0.4x the OMM rewards for each market or liquidity pool. This equates to a potential 6.25x difference between the minimum and maximum rewards.
To acquire bOMM, users must lock up OMM for at least 1 week, and up to 4 years. The longer they lock up OMM, the more bOMM they will hold.

bOMM allocation

Lock-up period
bOMM allocation
1 week
0.0048 bOMM per 1 OMM
1 month
0.0208333 bOMM per 1 OMM
3 months
0.0625 bOMM per 1 OMM
6 months
0.125 bOMM per 1 OMM
1 year
0.25 bOMM per 1 OMM
2 years
0.5 bOMM per 1 OMM
4 years
1 bOMM per 1 OMM

bOMM decay

As the lock-up time decreases, so does the user’s bOMM. It decays linearly to 0 based on the amount of time remaining, so if you lock it up for 4 years, 1 bOMM will become 0.5 bOMM after 2 years.
The effect of decay will be reflected when a user:
  • Delegates votes to ICON validators; or
  • Interacts with a market or liquidity pool (Omm will recalculate the working balance for that particular market or LP, but not for all activities); or
  • Claims rewards (Omm will recalculate the working balance for all markets and liquidity pools).

How to calculate rewards

The amount of bOMM required to receive maximum OMM rewards depends on the size of a user’s position compared to everyone else’s, and the amount of bOMM held by other users.
The multiplier determines the amount of bOMM required to maximise earning potential for each activity. It ranges from 1x–2.5x, and can be found with this equation:
min(((user’s supply) + (total supply × user’s bOMM balance ÷ total bOMM balance x 1.5)) ÷ user’s supply, 2.5)
The boost is displayed under ‘Market rewards’ and ‘Liquidity rewards’. It’s the difference between the interest rate and base rate for each activity – a “boost” in rewards – and ranges from 0.4x–2.5x.

Participation without bOMM

Users who participate in a market or liquidity pool without any bOMM will earn diluted OMM rewards. They cannot participate in Omm governance or delegate votes to ICON validators.